EMA advises administering booster shots with Spikevax


According to the EMA, the CHMP came to the conclusion that a booster shot of Spikevax “may be considered” in people over 18 of age. The dose of the booster shot is 50 µg, which is half the dose used for the first and second vaccination shots (100 µg each). The EMA indicated that the basis for the decision was data showing that administering a third dose of the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 six to eight months after basic immunization could significantly boost the amount of antibodies in people’s blood. According to the EMA, the data also suggest that the frequency, type and severity of side effects after booster shots were similar to those after the second dose. The EMA said the risk of inflammatory heart disease and other very rare side effects following booster vaccinations will be “carefully monitored”. However, the STIKO (Standing Committee on Vaccination) does not currently recommend booster vaccinations in general, but rather only for certain groups of people. Accordingly, people 70 years of age and over should receive a booster shot six months after the second dose of the vaccine. The same applies to residents and caregivers in nursing homes as well as to caregivers and others who have direct contact with the elderly or to people who have an increased risk for developing severe COVID-19.